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2020 Gaff-n-Grill FREE BBQ Dinner

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We are sorry to announce the 18th Annual Gaff-n-Go Lineworker’s Rodeo & Vendor Expo
scheduled for May 15 & 16 has been canceled in response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

We hope you will continue to check back here for updates and
we look forward to another great event in 2021.

We hope you will join us and allow this FREE BBQ dinner to provide a meeting place for teams and supporters as they arrive throughout the day and for those who have already competed that Friday in events for the 2020 Gaff-n-Go Rodeo.

The dinner will include:

  • BBQ from the day’s Gaff-n-Grill event with sides and drinks.
  • Announcement and award presentation of the Gaff-n-Grill winners.
  • Fellowship with other competitors and family and friends.
  • Opportunity for T-Shirt exchange – so bring extras!
  • Announcement of T-Shirt competition winners.
  • and much more!

2020 Rodeo Sponsors