2022 Gaff-n-Go Terex Equipment Operator’s Rodeo


THE 2022 GAFF-N-GO EQUIPMENT OPERATOR’S RODEO SPONSORED BY TEREX IN PARTNERSHIP WITH NESCO SPECIALITY RENTALS will be held on Friday, May 13, 2022 at the Meadow Event Park (home of the Virginia State Fair) in Doswell, Virginia.

The Equipment Operator’s Rodeo takes place on the same day as the Annual Gaff-n-Go Expo, featuring dozens of suppliers of products and services to lineworkers and equipment operators! The next day, Saturday, May 14, will feature the Annual Gaff-n-Go Lineworker’s Rodeo. It’ll be an action-packed two days honoring line crew professionals! Today’s lineworker/equipment operator is a multi-talented professional working in a dangerous environment that requires consistent work practices and a constant focus on safety.

The EQUIPMENT OPERATOR’S RODEO brings you together with the latest tools, equipment, materials, and methods used in the electric industry. The focus will be on the safe operation and effective implementation of power equipment in the field of line construction.

The EQUIPMENT OPERATOR’S RODEO will provide you the opportunity to compete in a challenging environment demonstrating the skills that are required in your everyday work. Stay ahead of the pack, maintain your physical and mental skills, and keep abreast of the latest technology. Show the world a snapshot of what being a lineworker/equipment operator in today’s utility is all about! Join us in the heart of central Virginia for the opportunity to meet and compete with “the best of the best.” Bring the family and enjoy an action-packed weekend!

The EQUIPMENT OPERATOR’S RODEO attracts the best lineworkers/equipment operators from the east coast to compete. A maximum of 25 teams from Cooperatives, Investor-Owned Utilities, Municipals and Contractors will fill out the competition.

Registration Information

Photo ID: All participants must bring a photo ID with them to register. This identification will be needed to pick up your packets.

In order to ensure your name is included in the Rodeo Program, please have your entry form and fees returned by April 9, 2022. If you miss the April 8th cut-off, you may still be able to compete. We will accept check, VISA, or MasterCard, or American Express for entry fees. EQUIPMENT OPERATOR’S RODEO registration check-in will be held at the Meadow Event Park in Doswell, Virginia, on Friday, May 13 from 10:00 A.M. to 11:30 A.M.

Teams and Judges


A team consists of three participants in any combination of equipment operators, apprentices, and journeymen. First, second and third-place winners will receive prizes and awards at the Awards Banquet on Saturday evening, May 14.

All teams members must be sponsored and employed by a cooperative/muni/investor-owned utility/contractor and covered by their employer’s workers’ compensation insurance.


The EQUIPMENT OPERATOR’S RODEO continues to grow, so we are asking for your help in judging. If you are or ever were a qualified practicing, working lineworker/equipment operator, you are eligible to be a judge. When you volunteer to be a judge, it is important to attend the Judges Meeting at 10:00 A.M. on Friday, May 13, before the rodeo. In this meeting, each event is reviewed and final instructions are given so that our judging can be fair and consistent. The teams in the rodeo have spent many hours preparing to compete and deserve dedicated judges interested in fair and consistent judging. Please review the list of items below to see what is expected and needed to participate as a judge.

• Prior experience in the Electrical Trade
• Attend the Judges Meeting on Friday
• Wear Hard Hats
• Wear Long Pants
• Wear Hard Sole Shoes
• Inclement Weather Gear is not required; however, it is a good idea to be prepared as the rodeo goes on, rain or shine.

Judges will receive a complimentary lunch on Friday and a ticket for the awards banquet on Saturday evening where they will receive recognition for their contribution. We need and welcome judges from all participating utilities and companies. Please use the Judges Registration Form to volunteer for judging. Thank you for your support!!

Q & A


Where do the lineworkers/equipment operators have to be employed?
Any operating utility and/or contractor. The lineworkers/equipment operators must be sponsored by their employer and covered by workers’ compensation insurance.

Will any events use aerial buckets?

Will we have to sign a liability release?

Will there be a First Aid Station and/or a Paramedic at the Rodeo?
Yes. There will be two EMS units on site.

Will there be seating for family members and spectators?
You are encouraged to bring lawn chairs since seating is limited at the rodeo site. There is little to no natural shade at the Meadow Event Park. Utilities are also invited to bring team tents.

Will there be soft drinks and food to purchase at the Rodeo?
Concession stands will be selling soft drinks and food.

Where do participants check in?
All participants should check in on Friday, May 13, from 10:00 A.M. to 11:30 A.M. at the Farm Bureau building in front of the festival loop. (All three team members must be present to sign waivers and receive rodeo packet.)

Will video footage be allowed to settle judging disputes?

Is parking available to unload tools and equipment?
Parking is available at the Meadow Event Park. You should arrive by 10 A.M. on Friday, May 13, to unload equipment and tools.

Who may protest a call?
The team must be the one to protest a call. Involvement by spectators in a protest may result in the team being disqualified. No team will be allowed to protest another competitor.

Scoring will be judged for:
  • Safety
  • Work practice
  • Neatness and ability
  • Equipment handling
  • Timely completion of the event

Time will be used only to break a tie.

Total number of events for each team: 4

The events must be completed in the order shown on your schedule. Each event must be marked complete by an event judge before you can start the next event. The winning team will be determined by the total number of deductions. In the event of a tie, the winner will be determined by the total time to complete all events. Bonus points will not be added for winning or placing in an event.

Scoring Verification

Teams are encouraged to verify the scores that are input into the scoring system. The results will be available at the registration building after a team completes all their required events. The final score and team standings will not be available at the Rodeo Event. All final scores and event standings will be posted on the www.gaff-n-go.com homepage by Monday, May 16th .


All contestants need to bring their own hard hat, safety glasses, cotton or flame-retardant long-sleeved shirt and leather work gloves.

Each event is worth a total of 100 points. All safety rules are to be observed during the events. See the following list for point deductions:

Infractions – 2 Point Deduction
  • Late for event
  • Lose hardhat
  • Wearing hardhat backwards
  • Not wearing safety glasses
  • Improper cover-up – i.e. No rubber on reach, fall or slip
  • Dropping tools
  • Cutouts, burnouts, or slips
  • Operation of hand line while team is climbing
  • Misuse of tools
  • Misuse of rubber
  • Failure of Groundman to wear work gloves
  • Twisted hand line operation
  • Not wearing OSHA approved lineworker belt or harness
  • Poor housekeeping
  • Exceeding the mean time to complete an event, except for hurt man rescue and pole climb. The mean time will be given for all mystery events.
  • Failure to wear long sleeved shirts. If shirt has buttons on the sleeves, they must be buttoned, not pushed or rolled up.
  • Exposed blade on skinning knife
  • Safety strap not being under control. Both snaps of the safety strap must be hooked in a ‘D’ ring while climbing the pole. The safety strap may be carried on the shoulder, but if it should slide off the shoulder, the contestant will receive a 2-point deduction.
  • Hanging tools on phase conductors, neutrals, cross arms or safety straps.
INFRACTIONS – 10 Point Deduction
  • Accidental contact with phases
  • Working opposite phases at the same time
  • Not using hand line or bucket for sending material up or down pole
  • Unprofessional behavior
  • Practicing on the Rodeo field prior to the Rodeo
  • Intentional sabotage or tampering with materials, tools or equipment on the Rodeo field
  • Unapproved use of alternates or changing status of team members during the events. See Master Judge for approved use of alternates or changes in team status during Rodeo
  • Protests made by someone other than contestants
  • Modifying rubber gloves in any way