2018 Rodeo Events Information

May 11, 2018
The Gaff-n-Go Equipment Operator’s Rodeo and Vendor Expo at Meadow Event Park

May 12, 2018
The Gaff-n-Go Lineman’s Rodeo at Meadow Event Park
The Awards Banquet

All events held at the Meadow Event Park and are generally open to the public.

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The 2018 Team and Apprentice Events will be as follows:

Apprentice Events:
  • Written Test
  • Climbing Skills
  • Hurtman Rescue
  • Conductor Transfer
Journeymen Events:
  • Climbing Skills
  •  Hurt Man Rescue
  • Pin Insulator Change Out
  • Crossarm Change Out
  • Recloser Change Out
Terex Events:
  • Hurt Man Rescue
  • Digger/Derrick Obstacle Course
  • Conductor Transfer


All contestants need to bring their own hooks, belt, hard hat, safety glasses, cotton or flame-retardant long-sleeved shirt, hand tools, 20KV rubber gloves, protectors, hand lines, hood bag, and line hose bags. Rubber gloves may be inspected in all events, as required. Velcro straps on climbers must be used as manufactured. No modifications, such as cutting the Velcro shorter, are allowed. In general, no tool modifications are allowed.

1. Each team must provide a hand line.

2. All participants will be required to use the fall restraint device.

All teams must use the Bashlin #35 hand line hook. The handline (or pulley line) must have a sheave in it and must have an approved “becky” for hanging on the pole. An approved “becky” consists of an eye plaited into the sheave, another eye on the other end to snap back into the sheave, and three loops for adjustment of length.

In all Journeyman events the last person who comes down the pole must be the one to drop the handline.

Any special tools required for the mystery events will be provided and must be used. Please make sure that your tools are clearly marked with your name for identification.