2022 Gaff-n-Go Event Scoring



Scoring will be judged for:

  • Safety
  • Work practice
  • Neatness and ability
  • Equipment handling
  • Timely completion of the event

Time will be used only to break a tie.

Total number of events for each Team and Apprentice: 5

The events must be completed in the order shown on your schedule. Each event must be marked complete by an event judge before you can start the next event.

The winning Team or Apprentice will be determined by the total number of deductions. In the event of a tie, the winner will be determined by the total time to complete all events. Bonus points will not be added for winning or placing in an event.

Scoring Verification

Teams are encouraged to verify the scores that are input into the scoring system. The results will be available at the registration building after a competitor completes all required events. The final score and team standings will not be available at the Rodeo Event. All final scores and event standings will be posted on the www.gaff-n-go.com homepage by Sunday, May 15th.


All contestants need to bring their own hooks, belt, hard hat, safety glasses, cotton or flame-retardant long-sleeved shirt, hand tools, 20KV rubber gloves, protectors, hand lines, hood bag, and line hose bags. Rubber gloves may be inspected in all events, as required. Velcro straps on climbers must be used as manufactured. No modifications, such as cutting the Velcro shorter, are allowed. In general, no tool modifications are allowed.

1. Each team must provide a hand line.

2. All participants will be required to use the fall restraint device.

All teams must use the Bashlin #35 hand line hook. The hand line (or pulley line) must have a sheave in it and must have an approved “becky” for hanging on the pole. An approved “becky” consists of an eye plaited into the sheave, another eye on the other end to snap back into the sheave, and three loops for adjustment of length.

In all Journeyman events the last person who comes down the pole must be the one to drop the handline.

Any special tools required for the mystery events will be provided and must be used. Please make sure that your tools are clearly marked with your name for identification.

Each event is worth a total of 100 points. All safety rules are to be observed during the events. See the following list for point deductions:

Infractions 2 Point Deduction

  • Late for event
  • Lose hardhat
  • Wearing hardhat backwards
  • Not wearing safety glasses
  • Improper cover-up – i.e. No rubber on reach, fall or slip
  • Dropping tools
  • Cutouts, burnouts, or slips
  • “Hot-dogging” – Hot-dogging is defined as a lineman “being out of control.” Examples: both gaffs out of the pole at the same time, drop steps, excessive uncontrolled speed. Maintain one gaff in the pole at all times.
  • Operation of hand line while team is climbing
  • Misuse of tools
  • Misuse of rubber
  • Failure of Groundman to wear work gloves
  • Twisted hand line operation
  • Not wearing OSHA approved lineman belt
  • Poor housekeeping
  • Exceeding the mean time to complete an event, except for hurt man rescue and pole climb. The mean time will be given for all mystery events
  • Failure to wear long sleeved shirts. If shirt has buttons on the sleeves, they must be buttoned, not pushed or rolled up.
  • Exposed blade on skinning knife
  • Safety strap not being under control. Both snaps of the safety strap must be hooked in a D ring while climbing the pole. The safety strap may be carried on the shoulder, but if it should slide off the shoulder, the contestant will receive a 2-point deduction.
  • Hanging tools on phase conductors, neutrals, cross arms or safety straps
  • Failure to sound all poles before climbing

General Rules 10 Point Deduction

  • Accidental contact with phases
  • Working opposite phases at the same time
  • Not using hand line or bucket for sending material up or down pole
  • Second man starts climbing before first man is buckled off


  • Unprofessional behavior
  • Practicing on the Rodeo field prior to the Rodeo
  • Intentional sabotage or tampering with materials, tools or equipment on the Rodeo field
  • Unapproved use of alternates or changing status of team members during the events. See Master Judge for approved use of alternates or changes in team status during Rodeo
  • Protests made by someone other than contestants
  • Modifying rubber gloves in any way

Journeyman and Apprentice Tool Inspection

Random tool inspections will be done throughout the day to check for safe condition and alterations of tools such as:

  • Tape on Straps
  • Tapered cuts on straps
  • Buckles filed
  • Fingers cut out of gloves – Rubber gloves will be inspected at each climbing event for Journeymen. (A team will be disqualified for modifying rubber gloves in any way.)
  • Elongated holes in straps and belts
  • Improper gaff length
  • Penalty for altered tools – 2 to 10 points as determined by the judge

The points will be deducted from the event that the team is competing in at the time the altered tool is discovered.

Event Construction

Journeyman and Apprentice Events:

All Events: To be 40’ class-4 poles. All materials and special tools supplied. Each team must provide their own hand line.