2023 Gaff-n-Go Event Participants



Each team will consist of two Journeymen (anyone who has or had the classification can compete) and a Groundman. Scoring is based on correct work procedures and safety. Utility supervisors and past Rodeo contestants are the judges and will follow very strict criteria. Each team participates in five mandatory events. The name of events and event construction information can be found here.

A Groundman is a non-climbing participant of the team. He will be allowed to climb if one of the climbing lineworkers should have to drop out for any reason. The Groundman must be a Journeyman to replace a climbing member of the team. If the Groundman were to replace a Journeyman, an alternate, as Groundman, must replace him to keep the team as a whole unit.

All team members must be sponsored and employed by a cooperative/muni/investor-owned utility/contractor and covered by their employers workers’ compensation insurance.

The top three teams will receive paid entry to the International Lineman’s Rodeo competition held in Kansas City, KS from October 11 – 14, 2023. Outstanding individuals and teams will receive awards at the conclusion of the Gaff-n-Go Rodeo.

2022 Senior Division. All 3 team members must be age 45 or older as of May 12, 2023. If at least 4 Senior Division Teams are entered, the highest-scoring Senior Division Team will receive paid entry to the International Lineman’s Rodeo Competition held in Kansas City, Kansas from October 11-145, 2023. A Senior Team will be a team whose members are all 45 years of age or older. An award will be given to the highest scoring Senior Team for each event, provided at least 4 teams compete.

Please go to the Team Registration Form to sign up!.


Apprentices also compete in the Lineworker’s Rodeo. They compete as individuals in five events.

One of the events will be a written test (5:00 P.M. on Friday, May 19).  All questions will be taken from The Lineman’s and Cableman’s Handbook, 13th Edition.

The names and descriptions of the other four events can be found here.

  • No cell phones or electronic devices will be allowed in the testing area.  Using a cell phone or electronic device during testing will result in disqualification.

A person is considered an Apprentice up to four years after they enter an Apprenticeship.  That definition will be used as the criteria for eligibility in entering the Lineworker’s Rodeo.

If a person has been an Apprentice over four years they will not be allowed to enter the Apprentice events.  If a person who is classified as a Journeyman with one company was to obtain employment with another company in an Apprentice classification, that person will not be permitted to enter the Apprentice event.

The highest scoring three Apprentices will receive paid entry to the International Lineman’s Rodeo competition and also will receive awards at the conclusion of the Gaff-n-Go Rodeo. Please go to the Apprentice Registration Form to sign up!


All contestants need to bring their own hooks, belt, hard hat, safety glasses, cotton or flame-retardant long-sleeved shirt, hand tools, 20KV rubber gloves, protectors, hand lines, hood bag, and line hose bags. Rubber gloves may be inspected in all events, as required. Velcro straps on climbers must be used as manufactured. No modifications, such as cutting the Velcro shorter, are allowed. In general, no tool modifications are allowed.

1. Each team must provide a hand line.

2. All participants will be required to use the fall restraint device.

All teams must use the Bashlin #35 hand line hook. The hand line (or pulley line) must have a sheave in it and must have an approved “becky” for hanging on the pole. An approved “becky” consists of an eye plaited into the sheave, another eye on the other end to snap back into the sheave, and three loops for adjustment of length.

In all Journeyman events the last person who comes down the pole must be the one to drop the handline.

Any special tools required for the mystery events will be provided and must be used. Please make sure that your tools are clearly marked with your name for identification.


The GAFF-n-GO LINEWORKER’S RODEO is growing rapidly so we are asking you to volunteer one judge for every three participants sponsored by your organization. If you are or ever were a qualified practicing, working lineworker, you are eligible to be a judge. When you volunteer to be a judge, it is important to attend the Judges’ Meeting at 4:00 P.M. on Friday, May 19. In this meeting, each event is reviewed and final instructions are given so that our judging can be fair and consistent.

The journeyman teams and apprentices participating in the rodeo have spent many hours preparing to compete and deserve dedicated judges interested in fair and consistent judging. Please review the list of items below to see what is expected and needed to participate as a judge.

• Prior experience in the Electrical Lineworker Trade

• Attend the Judges’ Meeting on Friday

• Wear Hard Hats

• Wear Long Pants

• Wear Hard Sole Shoes

• Inclement Weather Gear is not required; however, it is a good idea to be prepared because the rodeo will be held – rain or shine.

Judges will receive a complimentary lunch on Friday and Saturday, and a ticket for the awards banquet on Saturday evening, where they will receive recognition for their contributions.

We need and welcome judges from all participating utilities and companies. Please go to the Judges Registration Form to volunteer for judging. Thank you for your support!!