Sadly, the 2021 rodeo has been canceled
due to health and safety concerns.

Watch this space for more info and stay safe! 

While others run from the storm, lineworkers run to it. That’s their job, and it requires a remarkable skill set — steadfast dedication, attention to safety, job expertise and a spirit of cooperation.

However, we will have to wait yet another year to see those talents, and much more, on display at our Annual Gaff-n-Go Lineworker’s Rodeo & Expo this year.

The 2021 event has been canceled due to COVID-19 concerns. We put the safety of our line crews and their families first, and this is the proper action at this time. The event was slated for May 14 and 15 at Meadow Event Park (home of the Virginia State Fair) in Doswell, Va., just north of Richmond. (Click here for directions)

At the rodeo, highly skilled lineworkers from up and down the East Coast use the latest equipment as they compete in action-packed events based on traditional tasks and skills. From bootlaces to cross arm braces, equipment locks to stringing blocks, and electric drills to rescue skills, you will find it at our Gaff-n-Go!

The Gaff-n-Go Lineworker’s Rodeo attracts hundreds of friends, family members and spectators who watch with bated breath as lineworkers from multiple states ply their trade in a competitive yet friendly environment.

The rodeo is a one-of-a-kind chance for lineworkers to test their abilities against their peers. It also provides an opportunity for the public to see what it takes to be a utility lineworker — skill, agility, strength and respect for safety procedures.

Please watch this space for more information on 18th ANNUAL GAFF-N-GO LINEWORKER’S RODEO AND EXPO!


The 17th Annual Gaff-n-Go Rodeo Results:

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